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My name is Kaisa. I am awesome at planning, dreaming and talking about myself. I absolutely love dinner parties, airports and autumn. 

I'm really talkative as anyone who's ever met me could tell. It seems to be my motto to talk for living and live for talking. There's no silent moment except when I'm dead tired. Planning is my forte for sure. It's what I know the best. I'm talking about piles and piles of organised lists and mind-boards.

I’m a suburb kid, went to basic school and got interested in arts and writing. My family has always travelled a lot so I got into that too, obviously. During lower secondary I went to Hungary for a confirmation camp together with a group of other Finnish kids. That was my first touch to travelling by myself. Nine years of compulsory school had killed a lot of our dreams so when we finally got off I headed somewhere far away from everyone. I was free — that’s what I thought. Upper secondary was definitely my dream place for the first year: I loved studying and participated in the school’s magazine. 

In 2014-15 I took off to the other side of the world. Australia was a dream-like place for me. I’d thought it would have had to exist on its own planet as the stories of my father’s trip to this magical place were so overwhelmingly awesome. My year as an exchange student started in New Zealand whit not so awesome time excluding a few pretty amazing people. After Christmas I flew to Australia and boy was it good! I loved every single bit of Australia.

The second year of upper secondary was rough in every way. But like everything, it came to an end and I had the summer of my life. Now I’m on the final year, learning to say no to a million projects and looking forward to what life has to offer next.

I’m writing about traveling, style and get-togethers, events and my opinions.

email me: kaisa.kettu(at)

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