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My name is Kaisa. I am awesome at planning, dreaming and talking about myself. I absolutely love dinner parties, paper* and autumn. 

I'm really talkative as anyone who's ever met me could tell. It seems to be my motto to talk for living and live for talking. Planning is my forte for sure. It's what I know the best. I'm talking about piles and piles of organised lists and mind-boards. What comes to my catchphrase, it must be "paper is sacred".

I’m a suburb kid, went to a basic school and got interested in arts and writing. My family has always travelled a lot so I got into that too, obviously. Once I was done with compulsory school I headed to a whole new school in a new town with new people and I loved it. I joined the school paper as soon as I could, a little uncertain, if we're being honest but, as it turned out, there wasn't a day I would have regretted it. I'm still on that road and let me tell you, the road has taken me on an adventure.

After the year of emotional rollercoaster, also known as my exchange year in New Zealand and Australia and two more stressing years of upper secondary school I now find myself in London, studying creative direction for fashion and quite frankly living the dream. 

I’m writing about traveling, style and get-togethers, events and my opinions. It's a more polished version of my life. It's me turning my life into a magazine.

*paper as in magazines, books, posters and just actual paper

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