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23 October 2016

Last Friday we went to Linnanmäki, an amusement park in Helsinki. To celebrate the end of the season there's a light show every year.

Running under all the beautiful lights, stuffing cotton candy in our mouths and screaming from the bottom of my heart on the top of a roller coaster — I loved every bit of that night. In the end of the night we sat down in a lovely little café and had glasses of glögi. 
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1 October 2016

Literally every single tone of the yellow-red spectrum covered the pavements as we walked to the woods. I hadn't seen Paci for over a month which, to be honest, felt like years as we grew really close this summer. It was just lovely to catch up and break some news. It's actually really fun to be on this side for once. 

Anyway, the autumn is strong with us had someone not noticed that. The agenda of the day included coffee and the making of autumn bouquets. So to the woods we walked. I was a bit disappointed when we realised there were no red maple leaves yet even more of them in yellow. Snapped a few pics too and then, after hours and hours of ranting returned back to my place to put together the bouquets.

In the end I want to mention my new coat. Last Monday I was shopping on my own which has become a rare occasion these days.  I don't mind shopping company, I love it, but sometimes it's rather, hmm, refreshing to wade through the stores and have a look with your own time. So I wasn't really looking for anything specific, although, I am in a constant hunt of tights and skirts, but then I came across this quite simple but I think really aesthetic gray coat in Esprit. As everyone probably knows I'm really quite obsessed with yellow and gray and somehow my obsession of gray has gone out of hands. The combination of these two make me melt.

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