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19 February 2017

I peeked behind the cacti. I could breath in the tropics almost as I had been back in the place below the equator. Oh the greens, the lights and the blue skies! The winter garden is a hidden paradise within cold grey February.

A little photoshoot in this magical glass house garden was definitely a brilliant pick-me-up in the middle of a dull slushy day that had already wet my shoes and killed my curls. I don't know how can it be possible I haven't tumbled into this place before – I've seen it and drove past it a million times but it never occurred to me a paradise might lie within it. Better later than never, I guess.

I was wearing this Sister Jane shirt that has been hanging in my closet for months and months. The leopard pattern is really amazing and fits the "jungle" theme quite well. I love the colours and the collar too not to even mention the black bow.

The earrings have a more dramatic story. Being my favourite pair of pearls I was devastated when one morning I could find only one of them. It took months and months of heart break and a one very very lucky morning that I could see something shining in the bottom of a tote bag. The joy was immeasurable and we've been inseparable ever since.

image credit // portraits by Suvi Ojala
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