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5 March 2016

My family used to drive 11 hours up North every year for a skiing holiday. As me and my sister got older this tradition faded away. Until now.

Skiing has been a great thing in my life and one of those very rare sports I genuinely enjoy. Living in Australia there wasn't to many options for skiing, barely none. So I skipped a year in skiing and learned how much I could miss it. A few weeks back my family flew to Kuusamo, a skiing town right below the border of Lapland. Three days on skies was amazing yet amazingly exhausting. I wasn't as rusty as my suit which had been bought to me nearly 10 years ago. Knowing me, I get cranky in "wrong" clothes.

It's not a vacation without a bit of shopping, right? I found beautiful snow wear in a tourist-money-ripping store which, obviously, wasn't even possible to get. So I did some research and found the same French-made eco-suit half the price. I ordered it, I got it and love it. If you're interested, here is the Picture snow suit. I absolutely love the fit and the colour. Above all, the clothes are organically made out of recycled materials which is a big thing to me at the moment. 

My father having spent his childhood in this beautiful nordic place my grand parents have a cottage in Kuusamo. So a couple of weeks after our first trip to North we packed the car and drove all the way like in good old times. 11 hours in a full car wasn't as devastating as one might imagine. That is, when we kids are old enough.
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