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27 May 2014

About Creative Writing

I felt like writing something… not just something. I felt like writing something creative. I have been complemented about my creative writing skills but somehow (surprise-surprise) after writing at least hundred essays I have kind of lost my natural writing form. I’m going to have the last exams of my first year in upper secondary school tomorrow and after that I theoretically free to do what ever I want to do with my summer holiday. Of course I’ll be working but a job is a totally different thing compared to school.

I have been really lazy when it comes to gathering my summer bucket list. I will be doing this and that by the mood but now I’d like to officially add there the following: I want to find my pen again. Yes, I have lost my favorite pen but more importantly I have lost the way of writing I’m good at, which I love.

I’m 99 per cent sure you’re all bored to always notice that oh, a video again instead of some meaningful writing. I want to change that. The struggle I’ve been through with this blog is far bigger and tougher I had realized. Finding and gathering a good and interesting content isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’ve tried now a couple different styles which I have first been super excited and then after a while bored. That is not how it should be.

Today I went to YLE to put my signatures to some forms. They have this big fancy hall there and there I noticed probably the most motivating sentence of the year so far. It said Content strikes back. So true, so true. Will this be my motto for the upcoming years of blogging.

Thank you. I love all of you who read the whole stuff above. I appreciate every single glance :) Please tell me in the comments what do you think about all this. Do you agree with the content thing? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I like your blog! stay strong my friend :) Have a nice day :D


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