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23 November 2015

Yesterday morning the Southern Finland woke up on a happy note. 

As soon as I opened my curtains I could see a delicate white layer on the ground and sprinkled on the trees. The sight of first snow is pleasant every time. Yet I have never ever considered myself as a winter and definitely not a Christmas person. Something must have clicked seriously in my head during last year since seeing snow made me almost scream — out of happiness. I was actually excited to get my mittens out and go out to enjoy the very fresh air. The world has gone crazy. Ask any past year me and you'll get an answer filled with pure disgust towards the whole winter.

I am not stressing about the Christmas presents {at least not yet} and I actually enjoy gathering a Christmas themed Pinterest board. I have had a bunch and a half of Christmas / fairy lights on my walls for about two months already. I have a Christmas scented hand cream on my desk right next to a whole cavalcade of candles. I don't recognise myself anymore.

Maybe a year apart from the idyllic white Christmas of December overall made me realise what I had taken for granted. A different Christmas made me finally realise I didn't want one. I want a traditional Finnish Christmas which I thought I had hated my whole life. It is rather refreshing, actually, to have some new opinions about things. To be honest, I was quite bored on hating Christmas while everyone else couldn't get enough of it.

Let's see if the climate change would be willing to change its mind as well. I'd really like to have the White Christmas this year as well as all the upcoming ones.
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12 November 2015

I can still remember how I used to write about my future. Back then all my future included was the exchange year. Little did I know life continues after the exchange year. But it does. And now it's time to get real with the next life plans.

I want to go to a university once I graduate from upper secondary. It's not just any uni I wish to attend, no: it's the UAL. I've mentioned my willing to study abroad couple of times during these past couple of years but only now have I really started the research. I don't know why it took so long for me to start. I guess I wanted to live in the ignorance for a little longer. Anyway, now I've started and now I'm hooked.

It feels like my whole life has clear goals and destinations again. I know what I have to do in order to get where I want. This makes life in daily bases so much easier since I don't have to consider my every move anymore. Or actually I still need to consider every single one of them — the difference is now I know the right answer straight away. Hooray!

I want to become a designer. That's my dream at the moment. These dreams for life have changed during the years but the desire for designing has been a part of them in almost every case. There was a time I wanted to become a artist, then a vet, then an architect and now a fashion designer. So it's always been pretty straight forward on what I want to do, except the vet {that was the time I was an overly enthusiastic horse girl and everyone wanted to be super rich when they grow up}. I've always enjoyed art, watching it, analysing it and most of all, creating it.

I've been a bit down for these past couple of days. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm a bit sick at the moment but also having hearing comments such as "it's really hard to get it to that school" or "have been considering the employment possibilities after you graduate because it doesn't look that promising" etc etc. I've forbidden myself to listen to those comments and oppositely concentrate on those who are on my side and think I can do great things. Luckily, the majority of people in my life support me and encourage me but there is always a few individuals who seem to gain something out of disheartening me.
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7 November 2015

My screen is screaming. My mind is screaming. Write something!
Busy. That's a topic that has been ruling my world during the last couple of weeks. So on this late Friday night early Saturday morning in I decide to write about it. 

What does being busy mean to me? To me it means being useful and quite obviously being productive. I feel important and needed when I look at my calendar and see how I'm running out of space to add stuff. Running from one place to another gives definition to my days. Also by knowing what I need to do makes planning my weeks so much easier. I can easily say I hate the blank spaces.

Why do I hoard projects? Let me rephrase that: Why would I no hoard projects? There is literally zero cons in this issue. While pursuing my creativity and increasing my knowledge I make new friends, contacts and get the daily doses of sociality overall. Also, I think one has to start somewhere and school {etc.} projects are probably the best and definitely the easiest way to do that.

Do I have any spare time? Yes, quite a bit to be honest. I often have plenty of time to 'destress' at home every day. Usually Monday till Thursday nights I end up watching an episode of some series on TV, having dinner with my family and just relaxing. Then there's Friday and Saturday which are most often dedicated to non school stuff. This is the time I work with my own projects such as photographing, writing, blogging, painting, skyping {yes, it is a project, believe me}, meeting friends etc. Lastly we're left with Sunday which is the day I take a soft landing on the following school week and finish all school stuff I'm left. I want to get all this done during the morning-midday which allows me to continue with my own projects for the rest of the day. I value spare time, I just think one shouldn't have too much of it.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! As I mentioned in the beginning I feel useful and productive while busy. If you are a control freak even as tiny bit as I am you might enjoy it too. Just know when to say no. This is what I've learnt through the hardest way. Prioritising becomes your best friend sooner or later in your life so why not sooner. I used to think I will miss out if I pass. The truth is I was right — obviously I'm gonna miss out if I pass. The important question is, do I care. And if I do, how much do I care. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you'll enjoy being busy.
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