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7 November 2015

project hoarder

My screen is screaming. My mind is screaming. Write something!
Busy. That's a topic that has been ruling my world during the last couple of weeks. So on this late Friday night early Saturday morning in I decide to write about it. 

What does being busy mean to me? To me it means being useful and quite obviously being productive. I feel important and needed when I look at my calendar and see how I'm running out of space to add stuff. Running from one place to another gives definition to my days. Also by knowing what I need to do makes planning my weeks so much easier. I can easily say I hate the blank spaces.

Why do I hoard projects? Let me rephrase that: Why would I no hoard projects? There is literally zero cons in this issue. While pursuing my creativity and increasing my knowledge I make new friends, contacts and get the daily doses of sociality overall. Also, I think one has to start somewhere and school {etc.} projects are probably the best and definitely the easiest way to do that.

Do I have any spare time? Yes, quite a bit to be honest. I often have plenty of time to 'destress' at home every day. Usually Monday till Thursday nights I end up watching an episode of some series on TV, having dinner with my family and just relaxing. Then there's Friday and Saturday which are most often dedicated to non school stuff. This is the time I work with my own projects such as photographing, writing, blogging, painting, skyping {yes, it is a project, believe me}, meeting friends etc. Lastly we're left with Sunday which is the day I take a soft landing on the following school week and finish all school stuff I'm left. I want to get all this done during the morning-midday which allows me to continue with my own projects for the rest of the day. I value spare time, I just think one shouldn't have too much of it.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! As I mentioned in the beginning I feel useful and productive while busy. If you are a control freak even as tiny bit as I am you might enjoy it too. Just know when to say no. This is what I've learnt through the hardest way. Prioritising becomes your best friend sooner or later in your life so why not sooner. I used to think I will miss out if I pass. The truth is I was right — obviously I'm gonna miss out if I pass. The important question is, do I care. And if I do, how much do I care. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you'll enjoy being busy.

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