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30 October 2015

on bad presentations

I've lived my whole life in a faith and according to that faith professionals know their stuff. During the last couple of weeks I've come across multiple not-horrible-but-absolutely-not-brilliant presentations. It literally drives me crazy.

You all must be familiar with the situation of a bad presentation. I've given couple of those myself and listened to more than one of them. I know we're all learning and that we're not perfect, but, I mean, please.

In my school we are now having weekly presentations by professionals of all kinds: a doctor, an engineer, a therapist etc. I've attended three now and let me tell you my opinion: either I know absolutely nothing about those careers (which I won't be separating here for obvious reasons) or they are telling something really wrong. I am supposed to be there to find out about careers that I might be interested in and take some notes for the reports we have to hand in in the end of the term. Instead I'm sitting there and making notes on how that particular presentation could be a million times better. 

Really, as far as I know, anyone can google "how to get in to university" and if unable we do have student councillors to do that exact research. The professionals, as I've understood, should be there to tell about their jobs not about how you can get it. I'd understand if there was a brief slide on how-to but the presentation should focus on the real job itself.

This problem doesn't exist only in career presentations, oh no. Lately there's been so many bad-structured or just lame presentations I don't know what to do. I feel the urge to interrupt them and start again myself. Obviously, as a well-mannered lady (you can always wish) I end up sitting quiet with a nice pretentious smile through the whole thing. When they've finished I might ask some questions just to get a brief answer that really says nothing. There goes the social skills, I say.

In the end I am quite devastated how this whole thing is organised. It's either brave or stupid to write about this but I thought it might create some conversation as this is a subject I have a strong opinion after a really long time. I'd be really interested to hear how you feel about this and if you've had similar situations.

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