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30 September 2015

returning to school

School is everything I didn't expect. Still, I always knew what it was going to be. I knew it all, based on my first year, although the second year was going to be different in any case. In this case it just depended on how different this year could be.

Despite all of my many fears I settled back to high school already on the first week. All of my anxiety had been for nothing: everyone seemed to remember me and the new classmates seemed eager to get to know me. One thing had changed for sure: the need of the group has vanished.  Last spring my good friend summed it up pretty well when I asked her how had the second year been. "I don't even mind going eat by myself anymore" she said. It is exactly like that. It's wonderful to know a lot of people but I'm just fine if I ever need to or get to spent the whole lunch hours in my own world or studying.

Talking about the actual studying, I'm exceptionally pleased with the results I've noticed. Wether it's history, advanced maths or even advanced Swedish I'm doing really well. The exam weeks have just kicked off and by far I've been a bit nervous but mostly excited. A year off made me realise there's more in life than just school and that school is not forever. I did enjoy studying before but now I do even more — now that I know my grades don't define me.

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