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31 July 2016

It's easy to say goodbye to someone who's staying. It's easy when you're the one who's leaving. You're going to somewhere new while the others are stuck with the same old same. This time I'm staying and it's harder than I thought. It's also hard to stop when you've got the taste of running.

I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks. That's the end of summer, really. This summer is probably the first one I don't want to end, partly because I know in the end everyone will leave. It's breaking my heart. They're off to universities, internships and abroad. Everything I long for. While school is cool by giving me a logical daily schedule I hate the fact I'm tied up, stuck in this place for yet another year.

That takes us to the next topic: end of childhood. I'm not claiming to become an adult but I sure know I want to move out as soon as I can. I want to move abroad was it for school or work. After getting used to my home again post-exchange I feel like I've seen it all now (surely haven't but you know the deal). I need challenges.

In a way saying goodbye is a huge challenge. Sitting on the rocks of Suomenlinna and watching the sunset together was somewhat bitter sweet. It's the shallow part of my consciousness that gets it: in a short while they're all gone. Still I truly cannot comprehend they'd really be leaving. It's when you try to seize the moment because that's all you have for now. You don't want to cry yet you feel like you should. 

shirt / Sister Jane • watch / Daniel Wellington • earrings / House of Elliot
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30 July 2016

Welcome to Cannes. This is where the rich people come to show off their Louis Vuittons and to lay on the white sand imported. This is where I stand in my most expensive shorts and a white collar shirt mimicking Grace Kelly the best I can. It's a very pretentious and highly hypocritical set. Yet I very much enjoyed the whole show. 

The French Riviera never fails to astonish. It's gorgeous filled with gorgeous things. You get a glimpse of the life of the rich. I got a glimpse of a life I want for myself, one day. There's no such thing as "over-dressing" and only a handful of people talk other than French. Counting Vuittons could seriously be considered as a hobby as there are as many of those as yachts.

What I did was stroll through the Croisette and Rue d'Antibes. That's what you go to Cannes  for anyway: the sea and the shops. I found some absolutely lovely clothes from a little shop called Boutique Ev. In fact, I loved the clothes so much I just placed an order from Sister Jane

When I was not in the city I was either sunbathing or dining. There are fantastic tiny restaurants around the city that can be easily spotted by Trip Advisor. All the places I visited were so cosy but unfortunately I happened to have the most terrible luck with my choices of meals. I even managed to pick the two most horrible ice cream flavours in the world's history. Can't win in everything, right. 

Would anyone want a break from their worlds should they fly to the riviera straight away. This place has never been in touch with the real world. It's a wonderful, shallow little bubble in which you put on a smile and a tan. 
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18 July 2016

End of holiday is peeking behind the corner, a block away from the beginning of summer. Everyone's starting to pack their packs. Was it university or abroad, my friends are leaving either way. The bitter sweet summer nights are full of laughter while on the inside I'm crying my heart out. It's not the end. It's the end of something, though. It's the end of this summer that could last forever on my behalf.

I was dancing and posing in the meadow in my white shirt and navy blue shorts both from Zara. I think this neat yet careless look is perfect for really any occasion: simple and classy. Part of my go-to look at the moment are my 50's style cat-eye sunglasses by Vogue. My mom got me a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch in dark brown leather which adds up the classy and absolutely timeless look. Just add red lipstick and you'll have a Taylor Swift replica.
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17 July 2016

There's no tip-toeing in social life — at least for me. You're all in or you're out. Friday turned out to have a city night kind of agenda. Helsinki ain't too big making it the ultimate night-out town: everything's close yet there's always something new to find. Being 19 and all it occurred to me there's some staples in our city that cannot be raved about without a reason.

First walking through a boulevard that's literally called Bulevardi, under the old trees and street lights, past the plague park. The doors of Gaijin (2nd & 3rd picture) open in the corner of Yrjönkatu, next to Boulevard Social, another restaurant of my favourites. Gaijin serves amazing tasting menus with what you could call a bit high-end price tag. The northern Asian inspired food is still totally worth its price. I'd recommend booking a table in fairly advance or show up straight after opening. A few other knows how good the place is too.

A must-see spot and my personal favourite of the whole of Helsinki is the park of Esplanadi. The park starts from the ever-so-gorgeous Svenska Teatern and ends at Haavis Amanda. There's this famous fountain statue (1st picture) that is being capped every year on May Day. If the feet don't mind continue down to the Market Square, hop on the ferris wheel or catch the ferry to Suomenlinna to capture the most magnificent sunset (take it's not raining which ruined our plans).

On the way back look at the buildings on the both sides of the park. It almost feels like in Central Europe with the old architecture and glamorous shop windows. Kämp (5th picture) is supposedly the fanciest hotel in this city — in my opinion, at least. Don't forget the cafes either. Pop by cafe Esplanadi for ice cream or a piece of pie.

The night had the most perfect ending by getting in the elevator of hotel Torni and speeding up to the 12th floor, climbing up the steep round stairs and admire the mesmerising view from the ultimate rooftop bar of Helsinki (6th picture). The tables are just small enough to play some cards, hold 'em, perhaps, like   we did. This place is iconic and so are its toilets!

Helsinki is an easy city garment-wise: there's really no way to under nor over dress. For this night out I opted for deep blue patent leather oxford shoes, a simple forest green skirt from Zara, a Ted Baker collared flower sweater combined with the fair trench coat from the same collection. My new canon 80D fitted perfectly in my trustworthy Mulberry.
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2 July 2016

Imagine hazy music and a cool wind. Imagine long nights and deep talks. It's all about sun burns and crushed hearts. In the end it was only another moment yet somehow so magical.

Midsummer was very different to what I've seen before. This time it was everything I love and hate: it was laughter and tears. What I must have loved the most were the talks at four am, playing poker day after day and running down the golf course in the middle of the night. I got thrown in the lake and ate way too much whipped cream and strawberries. We watched Bonnie and Clyde and fell in love with that film. I cut my hair and played Grace Kelly in my mind for days. 

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