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18 July 2016

say you'll remember me staring at the sunset

End of holiday is peeking behind the corner, a block away from the beginning of summer. Everyone's starting to pack their packs. Was it university or abroad, my friends are leaving either way. The bitter sweet summer nights are full of laughter while on the inside I'm crying my heart out. It's not the end. It's the end of something, though. It's the end of this summer that could last forever on my behalf.

I was dancing and posing in the meadow in my white shirt and navy blue shorts both from Zara. I think this neat yet careless look is perfect for really any occasion: simple and classy. Part of my go-to look at the moment are my 50's style cat-eye sunglasses by Vogue. My mom got me a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch in dark brown leather which adds up the classy and absolutely timeless look. Just add red lipstick and you'll have a Taylor Swift replica.

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