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30 July 2016

hello, riviera

Welcome to Cannes. This is where the rich people come to show off their Louis Vuittons and to lay on the white sand imported. This is where I stand in my most expensive shorts and a white collar shirt mimicking Grace Kelly the best I can. It's a very pretentious and highly hypocritical set. Yet I very much enjoyed the whole show. 

The French Riviera never fails to astonish. It's gorgeous filled with gorgeous things. You get a glimpse of the life of the rich. I got a glimpse of a life I want for myself, one day. There's no such thing as "over-dressing" and only a handful of people talk other than French. Counting Vuittons could seriously be considered as a hobby as there are as many of those as yachts.

What I did was stroll through the Croisette and Rue d'Antibes. That's what you go to Cannes  for anyway: the sea and the shops. I found some absolutely lovely clothes from a little shop called Boutique Ev. In fact, I loved the clothes so much I just placed an order from Sister Jane

When I was not in the city I was either sunbathing or dining. There are fantastic tiny restaurants around the city that can be easily spotted by Trip Advisor. All the places I visited were so cosy but unfortunately I happened to have the most terrible luck with my choices of meals. I even managed to pick the two most horrible ice cream flavours in the world's history. Can't win in everything, right. 

Would anyone want a break from their worlds should they fly to the riviera straight away. This place has never been in touch with the real world. It's a wonderful, shallow little bubble in which you put on a smile and a tan. 

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