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2 February 2015

life without air-con

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It is pretty impressive how much the heat affects us. You just brace yourself when you're phone says it's going to be another day with 35 or so degrees which equals we're all gonna boil to death. Here are some of my personal experiences in this 'death trap' also known as the Australian summer. And we don't have air-conditioner.

I thought it was hot in New Zealand in December. It was 30 degrees and I was constantly complaining how hot it was. Turned out my friends in New Zealand were right when saying I'm going to die in Australia. And so apparently I hadn't seen anything yet. 

I found a tweet saying you know you're Australian when you say 'it's only 29 degrees'. I said that last week while sitting in my room with a sweater on. As I said - it is pretty impressive how much the heat affects us and especially our mental health. If anyone of you has seen danisnotonfire's video about sunstrokes - I feel like that all the time: outside, inside the house, daytime, nighttime. My brain is melting inside my head and I'm just waiting for the moment it's all gonna drip from my ears and I become a lunatic. Wearing a sweater in 29 degrees doesn't count as lunatic, right?

You'd think everyone would be always out and about with a big smile on their face but the reality looks very different. Sure the ones crazy - or used to enough pack their bags and go to the beach every day. For me it's just a nightmare. So in the mornings I wake up, get ready as fast as possible, jump in to the car and go to the mall. The purpose of mall has changed a lot since I came to Australia. The shopping becomes a secondary priority, way behind the fact that there is a air-con in the mall. Nowadays I'll go anywhere if they just have air-con. This includes the already mentioned mall, cinema, friend's house, school... practically anywhere.

I have never ever before appreciated something so simple as air-con. I also think I'll never ever have to complain about the heat when I leave Australia. There seriously cannot be anything 'worse' than this. At least not the summer in Finland. So people with air-con or mild climate, please appreciate what you have because you don't even want to think about another kind of reality without it.

I want to say I love Australia and time to times I also really enjoy the sun and the unbearable heat {that would be when I think of all those people freezing in Finland}. Australia is such an amazing country and there's no place I'd rather be. As a human I live to complaining. 


  1. That kind of deprivation gets really excruciating, especially in times of erratic weather and accumulating heat. It's always best to be prepared for such an eventuality in whatever way you can and however long you've got. In any way, I hope you find a way to get around with that. All the best!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

    1. Thank you for this comment. I'm blessed to at least have a pool to cool down whenever needed :)

  2. Excessive heat is no joke. I do not do well in high heat can feel my mood changing. I get irritable and moody and don't feel like doing anything. Air-con is definitely a blessing and I seek it out just like you do. There is nothing better on a hot day than walking into a cooled-off room.


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