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26 February 2015


I have been ticking spots off on my literally drowning to-do list during the past couple of weeks. I have gotten my assignments in almost every subject which have been keeping me busy over on top of  socialising. And even after many days full of work I still cannot see the midway of this particular to-do list. It also occurs that I'm starting the final stretch of my exchange. I am borderline happy and borderline sad {as the song goes} about leaving Australia.

I am so so excited what's about to happen during these last months. I am filming a music video cover for film, television and new media class. We are almost done with filming which means the next week I'm going to spend editing, editing and editing. I was too eager to see how my vision would come alive that I already edited a little bit of the beginning which you can see in the end of this blog post.

In visual art studies we are currently working on fashion designing. We are supposed to come up with four different designs and then produce one of them. If you'd like to see my designs you can head to my Instagram feed to have a look and possibly follow the process.

Another thing which I am super-duper excited about is this little project of me and my host mum's. It is obviously involving photography but I think that is all I want to give away at this point. Stick around to find out what we're up to! ;)

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