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9 February 2015

Taylor Swift inspired mini lookbook

Here are two outfits I absolutely adore. Lately a great inspiration of mine has been Taylor Swift. Her style is something to look up to. I have actually been gathering a Taylor Swift Pinterest board which has been really fun. I have also found a little bit of a new direction in the way I dress.

When it comes to handbags {and shoes} I am quite picky. I have been looking for a perfect handbag, which I know to be an urban myth, for several years now. One evening I was going through Instagram and saw these super classy looking sunglasses Louse of Sprinkle of Glitter has had for ages and which I've always loved. I did some research and found the sunnies on River Island's online store. As I clicked to add the sunglasses to my shopping basket I decided to check out their bag selection. I gasped when I saw this gorgeous bowler bag. So after couple weeks of consideration I finally ordered both of them and haven't had any regrets. 

Taylor Swift images are from Pinterest.
After I received River Island's parcel I have been gathering some looks around them. First I want to introduce the tee and shorts combination. I saw Taylor wearing a very cute combination tee and skirt. I was looking for a mono colour one but then I came across a green flower pattern one in Glassons and as soon as I tried it on I know it was what I'd been looking for.

The second look includes the {same} bag and sunglasses as well as this gorgeous white shirt dress. Taylor has one which, I think looks very simple but stylish. I was trying to find one for so long so when I finally saw one hanging on the rack in Sportsgirl I just grabbed it and ran to the fitting rooms. It was a bit pricy but looked so nice that it didn't really leave me any other options. I am very very happy I ended up buying it.

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