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4 February 2015

Australia Zoo

As I have Mondays off my host mum took me and Julia {exchange student from Austria} to Australia Zoo. On the way it was raining a bit and we almost turned around but luckily we kept going because we were about to have an amazing {and informative} day. As we arrived at the zoo it was lightly raining and it wasn't crowded. I don't feel comfortable when there's a lot of people around me so I was beyond happy the park wasn't packed and so I was able to fully enjoy the experience.

First we jumped in to a safari shuttle and headed to 'Africa'. I was so excited to see giraffes and zebras for the first time in my life. I have to tell you I love giraffes and have always wanted to see one so now I feel like one of my dreams has been granted. Another dream of mine was to hold a koala and pat a kangaroo and of course I did. We also got to feed the kangaroos and just casually hang with them on the grass.

A definite highlight of the day was the bird & crocodile show they had in the Crocoseum. Australia is full of more and more beautiful species. As we saw the animals I just added them to my 'I need this as a pet' list. Just imagine to have a koala to sleep with.

Overall it was a beautiful day but also a very exhausting one. Once I got back home I honestly fell to the floor because my feet hurt so much from all that walking. I really recommend everyone to visit this zoo even just for the exercise.

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