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30 January 2015

Aussie school

Wow, where should I even start? Aussie school is amazing. I am studying in a huge high school in year 11 {year 12 in New Zealand}. I honestly can't name only one favourite thing in this school. 

The school policies are very different to European ones. I find it easier to think everything through Harry Potter; the school uniform, houses, house points... We have four houses in my school called Russell {Ravenclaw}, Peel {Slytherin}, Macleay {Hufflepuff} and Moreton {Gryffindor}. I was sorted to Ravenclaw in Pottermore but deep inside I consider myself as a Hufflepuff plus I love yellow so obviously I wanted to join Macleay. I feel so lucky since I actually got in to that house!

I am wearing a school uniform for the first time in my whole life. People laugh when I tell them how excited I am about the tie. What they don't realise is that this might very well be the only time I get to wear a tie. Anyway, I am really happy my school uniform isn't one of those hideous ones. I actually quite like it.

I have selected six subjects which is the maximum amount. I have been dying to do some real studying and now I have a good feeling that I'm not gonna run out of school work. In addition to the compulsory subjects which are English and mathematics I picked French, drama, visual art studies and film, television & new media. It's all so far so good. All the teachers seem so nice and positive which is always a very, very good start.

There is a relatively big group of us international students. We have such a good group spirit and get along with each other very well. On Thursday we decided to get lunch together after school and ended up hanging out in the mall. I cannot put it in words how much I appreciate all of these people. It's been only couple of days but I feel so close to them already. 

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