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12 January 2015


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I was just casually listening to music, singing over it and trying on different outfits for a party I had just gotten invited to. I have this dress I got for my confirmation party when I was 15 (two and half years ago). I was trying it on when I realised the zip didn't work. The next second I realised the zip didn't work because I was actually too big. I kissed goodbye to my jolly singing session. Of course I healed the instant shock with writing. I literally ran to my diary and let it all out. And then I realised  it's a brilliant blog post idea. So I am going to ramble through this issue.

Hold on, so we are talking about a dress I bought over two years ago. Big deal? Let me just tell you I fitted in that dress perfectly well a month ago. This means I have actually gained weight within just a single month. Since we don't have a scale in my house I have just relied on my instincts. I am still rather skinny, thin. But I am not ready to say goodbye to that dress, not yet.

I recall very well we have been warned about these what we call vaihtarikilot (the exchange student kilos) in Finnish. I also know there is no way you're gonna be safe from this phenomenon. I guess every single exchange student gains at least little weight during the exchange year.

I can't say I would be that surprised about what happened after bit of consideration. I sure have eaten quite a lot junk food and sweets. I did a little bit research and found out that changing your normal eating habits makes you gain weight more easily. My 'normal' eating habits have changed so so much.

Everyone needs a push to do stuff. This was my push. Once I actually recognised the problem I can work with it. So next time I'll come home and am about to open the TV I will put the remotes away and go running. While making the research for this post I was more than glad to find out you'll most likely lose all those exchange years kilos in only one month when you return to your home country, Finland in my case, and to your normal eating habits.

This text was written in the beginning of December, in New Zealand.

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