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5 January 2015

a painkiller doesn't kill you

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My year was awesome. It was so much more than I thought. It was also very different to what I thought. I grew as a person a lot. I learnt a lot. I met new people, a lot of new people. And now I am sick.

I was sick maybe for couple of days in 2014. As soon as I came to Australia I caught this mysterious sickness and have been stuck with it ever since. Now I’m thinking it might have not been the very best idea to run to McDonald’s at 3am on my last night in New Zealand. Though, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am more than happy that I spent the last hours in New Zealand with my friends. To be honest, I didn’t think we would stay up the whole night but we did and I appreciate everyone for that. I am also surprised I survived the next day: one plus three hours flying which practically meant the whole day traveling, killing time in the departure lounges of couple of airports etc.

And I guess because of that little midnight snack trip I have been sick the whole week. First it started with a sore throat and ear pain. The next day I woke up with a runny nose which was followed by red eyes as soon as the ear pain disappeared. Now my eyes I finally getting better but I’m still stuck with a really painful sore throat. Friday night my nose started bleeding out of nowhere. And boy, the blood just got coming and coming.

First I tried to keep strong. I was telling my host mum I was just fine, that I'm just gonna sleep the pain away every time she suggested I'd take some pills. After couple of days the throat ache got really bad and it hurt a lot just to swallow. That was the moment I gave up and took the pills and simsalabim the throat ache was gone in minutes. I am still sick but at least it doesn't hurt to just breath anymore. Although I will always try to avoid medication I want to learn where my boundaries really are. As my mum has told me about [period] pain "you won't get an award for not taking the painkillers". I'll also have to learn when it's time to go see the doctor. And that Dr. Google doesn't count.

We are heading to Sunshine Coast for four days today. On Monday I’m taking my first ever surfing lesson which I’m super excited about. I’m just hoping this weird sickness dies on the way there because now I just really want to get better.

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