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7 January 2015

the second year

Another year. I must be repeating myself once again when I'm saying how time flies. I know it flies wether I cared about it or not so instead I have started to concentrate on what I have experienced, learned and accomplished. For starters I almost missed my blog's second anniversary. Luckily I was looking back to my archive today and noticed the first anniversary postI had made three resolutions for last year.

a) blog at least once a week, 
b) start vlogging (I don't have an idea how I gonna implement it yet) and 
c) design and code a new layout to my blog by myself

I did blog once a week for the whole spring. Then I worked at YLE for June and kinda forgot about blogging in middle of 'business'. During my time in New Zealand I posted very irregularly which is (I guess) understandable considering the life of an exchange student is often really irregular in itself as well. I'd like to give myself half a point on this.

I wanted to start vlogging and I really tried but I don't think it was my thing after all. I love making short 'montages'. Whenever I filmed a talking video I felt really comfortable in front of the camera and I always had this feeling that that particular vlog would be amazing. After loads of editing I was never fully satisfied with the result but I still uploaded the videos. I have been considering this issue, not a lot but a lot enough to say that I don't want to do it anymore. I lost point on this.

Lastly I stated I wanted to try coding. I did try it and I did study it in internet a little bit. I didn't get into it, not really. I'm really happy with the new look (I call it 'the early grey' theme) I created in December.  I'd give myself a point on this.

2015 feels and sounds like future. On the other hand 2014 must have felt like future in the beginning as well as 2013... you get what I mean. Lots of things are gonna change this year. I'm turning 18 in June which means I'm practically an adult. In real life I really will not be one for a long time. I am going to go back to Finland which is gonna be more than weird, not speaking English all the time and everything.

This year I want to really improve myself in as many areas as I just possibly can. I'm gonna try to fully enjoy the rest of my exchange and after than  I'm gonna dive back to studying world and not leave that world for a while. As it comes to my blog I want to - again - improve my writing and photographing skills. I've developed a direction, a theme for my blog and I'm going to continue with that.

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