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14 January 2015

Byron Bay

Last Friday, on our way to the lovely town of Yamba with my host family we stopped at the Byron bay for some breathtaking views. The day was hot - as it tends to be every day in Aussie - so the fresh sea breeze was more than welcome as we climbed up the hill the white lighthouse as our destination.

The first thing I noticed as I looked around was the painting-like clear turquoise water glittering and eating the white sand beach. Ever since I took the surfing lesson I have yearned back on the board every time I see the sea and the waves. After a proper forever I have found a sport I actually want to do just for the cause I enjoy doing it and not feeling that somehow I need to do it (for me, for someone else etc). It is too bad this sport also happens to be pretty hard to do in Finland as you can imagine we don't really get waves since we lack in real seas. Oh well, I'll enjoy as long and as much as I can now when I'm still in Australia.

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