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21 January 2015

Brisbane & QAGOMA

Last week my host mom took me to 'down town' Brisbane which I fell in love with at the first sight. As I've seen skylines only a couple of times before I was so astonished by the simple beauty of the buildings that I was too scared to move the camera lens between my eyes and this sight.

First we went to look around the QAGOMA museum of modern art which was really interesting since I love modern art and it's impact on me. There was so much to see but we decided to save some for the future and went to see only the free exhibitions. After we reached the culture amount of the day we walked across this beautiful bridge to the city centre to do some shopping. I must mention how proud I was to walk back only with one new lipgloss.

I enjoyed the day and the city very much and can't wait to do another trip to possibly see other exhibitions in QAGOMA and the museum of Brisbane.

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