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23 November 2015

the first snow

Yesterday morning the Southern Finland woke up on a happy note. 

As soon as I opened my curtains I could see a delicate white layer on the ground and sprinkled on the trees. The sight of first snow is pleasant every time. Yet I have never ever considered myself as a winter and definitely not a Christmas person. Something must have clicked seriously in my head during last year since seeing snow made me almost scream — out of happiness. I was actually excited to get my mittens out and go out to enjoy the very fresh air. The world has gone crazy. Ask any past year me and you'll get an answer filled with pure disgust towards the whole winter.

I am not stressing about the Christmas presents {at least not yet} and I actually enjoy gathering a Christmas themed Pinterest board. I have had a bunch and a half of Christmas / fairy lights on my walls for about two months already. I have a Christmas scented hand cream on my desk right next to a whole cavalcade of candles. I don't recognise myself anymore.

Maybe a year apart from the idyllic white Christmas of December overall made me realise what I had taken for granted. A different Christmas made me finally realise I didn't want one. I want a traditional Finnish Christmas which I thought I had hated my whole life. It is rather refreshing, actually, to have some new opinions about things. To be honest, I was quite bored on hating Christmas while everyone else couldn't get enough of it.

Let's see if the climate change would be willing to change its mind as well. I'd really like to have the White Christmas this year as well as all the upcoming ones.

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