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21 May 2014

YFU camp 2014

It’s been a while since I have actually written anything. I actually did make a video about this/last weeks greetings but I literally looked dead. So that’s why I remembered this whole writing thing.

I’ve been really truly busy and now I’m just extremely tired. Sadly, my exam week just begun yesterday and I still have six more exams to go… *sigh. I’ve now done the first of two maths and today I’ll be tested in English which reminds me about last weekend.

On early Saturday morning, around 5 or 6 am I think, I woke up and left to Tikkurila to catch the Pendolino train to Tampere. There we (my dad, myself and some others) hopped off and me and the other youngsters hopped on to a bus which drove us to Virrat. The reason I sacrificed my morning was the pre-orientation camp (it has a real, fancy name which I unfortunately can’t remember) for the YFU exchange students, class 2014-15. Over 130 becoming exchange students in the same place was just something what you want to experience yourself, believe me. We had loads of info sessions but also tutoring and games. We had this awesome american guy Trent to help us with small talk and other communication skills. These sessions were probably the most useful but also my favorites because, firstly, we Finns suck at both and secondly it was ever so fun.

I had my camera with me during the whole weekend. Still I managed to snap only one photo. Shame on me. 

As I mentioned above, my exam weeks started and that means the school’s about to end soon. I got pretty excited when on Monday I realized I had just had the last school day here in Finland before my departure. Slightly crazy, isn’t it. Two weeks of exams then the graduation day (I’m not graduating yet :D ) and then the summer holiday. I will have one day of holiday and the on Monday the 2nd of June I’ll start working at YLE, also crazy. On of the radio hosts followed me on Instagram yesterday and that made me so happy. 

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