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21 April 2014

spring style

I was so sure it was Sunday today. This is what happens when you have a couple days of holiday. Anyway, I’m back now (sorry about the Friday too, had my friend here so I couldn’t film/write you the testing DIYs post :/). This – or actually last week I have some style things to share with you. I actually forgot to mention about one thing on my first greetings video: I will post about style/fashion AND/OR photographing on Sunday.

It has been super sunny and warm here in Finland during the Easter. That is why I've been able to wear skirts and dresses without feeling freezing.

On Saturday Elina came here and we went to photograph. We had some great time enjoying the sun and laughing to our silly faces. I really love this outfit. I was quite doubtful with this shirt but it actually turned out to work well. It is from New Yorker. Now, there is a little story related to that Top Shop skirt. Once upon in England I stumbled across a lovely denim skirt at Bershka. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so I had to leave it to the store. I still liked the shape of that skirt that during the rest of our language course I had to look for a similar one. Then on the last week I went to Top Shop and found almost exactly similar skirt. It costed a fortune but I decided to buy it - and good that I did because I haven't had to look back even once. It has payed itself back for a hundred times.

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