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12 July 2015


A couple of weeks ago a little group including myself took a trip to Suomenlinna. It is a little island  at the front of Helsinki. It is a really beautiful place to visit on a nice summer day as the one we got blessed with. Just catch the ferry from Kauppatori square market and enjoy the sea and the wind, and before you know you're already in Suomenlinna. The gorgeous old houses and the gorgeous yet creepy old castle welcome you to the island. We loved to explore the dungeons and the tunnels as well as play hide and seek there when we were kids. Now I get so scared so easily I can't go near either of them alone. It's still loads of fun... with a group of people.

In the afternoon we had a little picnic on the rocks while watching the cruise ships pass by. If you ever find yourself on this island make sure to make a flower crown because there simply isn't a better way to make the day perfect.

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