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7 August 2016

summer celebrations

It's the confirmation celebration season! On Saturday I attended two coffee-and-cake kind of parties on our street. It turned out to be a surprisingly warm and summary. I was still not completely convinced so I pulled on this gorgeous Ted Baker sweater I got for my birthday in the beginning of summer. This sweater has honestly been one of my favourite pieces this summer. It's just perfect with its three-quoter-length sleeves and light texture. I get it might be a bit hot down South but the summers are not quite that up here.

I ordered clothes from Sister Jane, an English brand I discovered in Cannes, and after a long and torturous wait and a number of impatient check-up trips to the post office the package finally arrived on Friday. One of the pieces I got was a rose gold swing skirt with flower-like texture. I love how the fabric is stiff enough yet very light to wear. The waist band is stretchy from the back which allows the skirt to sit perfectly. The rose gold caught some of the tones on my sweater really nicely.

I'm so eager to show the rest of the new pieces. They are quite autumny so I might have to wait a bit until I can properly (and credibly) wear them. Anyway, in addition to those there's something else I've recently purchased and fallen in love with: the Calvin Klein lip glosses. These are somewhat a random found as one of my new but already dear friends pointed out a little outlet in a mall near to us that sold these brilliant and radiant lip glosses for a bargain price. The consistence is creamy and soft. I love how light these things are on but they still have incredible pigment. I got two for now. The dusty rosy one I'm wearing in the pictures is called boy pencil. The second one is yet again a lot autumny, sort of a vampish berry tone called berry cool.

I've been really enjoying wearing really classic accessories this summer. My three absolute holy-grail staples are my 50's cat eye sunglasses by Vogue that I have raved about far too many times already, old as ever House of Elliott pearl earrings and finally a leather-band Daniel Wellington watch my mom got me about a month ago. I swear I've had this watch on my wrist every single day since I carried it out of the shop. What comes to the pearl earrings, I find them so easy to pop on to dress any outfit up a bit.

sweater / Ted Baker • skirt / Sister Jane • shoes / Zara

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