11 March 2017


I'm a hoarder of beautiful things. I am very proud of my absolutely gorgeous collection of magazines and coffee table books. It's not just any magazine or tin box I save, no no no. I've always had a very precise visual eye meaning only the best and most perfect items find their way to my shelves.

On the bookshelf

Printing photos has risen to the level of a guilty pleasure. I might honestly drown in them. I absolutely love scrapbooking and putting together albums — anything involving layouts, really. What I do is I pick free catalogues from stores, cut nice pictures out of them and just paste on notebooks, boxes, albums, you name it!

On my bookshelf lies also the box of letters. I don't even know where to start with these. There's something wondrous in written words. It's the effort, I guess. The stories come from the next town and a million miles away.

On the desk

By accident I have a little bit of a red theme going on at the moment. These all are little nicknacks I've gotten as souvenirs or second-handed from mom's drawers. The typewriter is one of my most precious treasures. It was an 18th birthday present collecting dust on the desk. In addition to being a real beauty there's nothing more inspiring than the sound of typewriter. 

Keep it quirky and store your painting brushes in a vase. Speaking of quirky, that's possibly the main criteria here. The more obscure and peculiar the more compelling. I'm a curious person.

mug • Maxwell Williams (Australia) // daily journal • Frankie (Australia) // double decker • Churchill's // phone case • Cath Kidston

In the wardrobe

My wardrobe is far from Carrie's astonishing walk-in, but it's a start. The clothes would be too much to feature so I'm focusing on the middle shelf. A few thick-paged fashion magazines out of which the Gentlewoman is my all time favourite. There's also my Icons of Women's Style I got for Christmas a few years ago. When in doubt, trust in Grace.

envelope bag • Marc by Marc Jacobs // the Gentlewoman // LOfficiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris // the Marc O'Polo Diary SS/16 // Icons of Women's Style • Josh Sims

On the second chair

I used to do ballet when I was little and recently I got into it again. The slippers have been in my possession for just a short amount of time but have already a special place in my heart. The Louis Vuitton is a present I am almost afraid to touch and I protect it with my life once it's out. The tiny mirror is, once again, gotten from mom and at least as special as the typewriter. I like to consider it as my lucky charm.

ballet slippers • Bloch

On the vanity

I'm skimpy when it comes to makeup. The other day I realised I've only ever bought one palette and the rest is inherited from mom's hand-me-downs. A glorious gem of mine is the motorcycle tin box in which I keep my bobby pins and hair bobbles. I've loved this box as long as I can remember and finally sort of borrowed it and never returned it. 

purse • by Malene Birger // lipstick • YSL Rouge Volupte 14 // makeup brushes • Zoeva // earrings • house of Elliot // watch • Daniel Wellington // sunglasses • Vogue

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