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22 April 2018

Farm Girl Café on Portobello Road

Where: Portobello Road, Notting Hill // When: Mon to Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm, Sat to Sun 9am to 6pm
What's there: cafés, boutiques, cute houses // How much: coffee about £4, cakes about £5
How to get there: central, circle or district line: Notting Hill Gate

Sister Jane is open Mon to Sat 10am to 6:30pm and Sun 12pm to 6pm

Portobello Road is just so lovely on a quiet Wednesday afternoon! Indeed, the same road Julia Roberts walked down in Notting Hill gets rather crowded time to time so make sure you go on a weekday rather than weekend or high-season. 

The crowds are not here for nothing, though. Listed as a Wes Anderson destination in London's Time-Out magazine, this is probably one of the cutest neighbourhoods you'll come across. Pastel-coloured walls and doors are so incredibly photogenic it would be a shame to forget your camera. Opt for a cute outfit to match with your surroundings.

Once you need a break form this mini-semi-professional photoshoot head down the road once you spot a tall white house with Sister Jane's logo on the wall. Walk through the courtyard to find yourself in an adorable café. Farm Girl's waiters will welcome you immediately and seat you while you mesmerise this aqua-tiled vision. 

Take your time with the menu and experience the multiple wait what?!-s. The place has probably the most hipster-y coffee menu. No wonder the place is founded by an Aussie. Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for the drinks since I had already had way too much caffeine that morning, but my lovely friend Katy ordered a chai latte and seemed to enjoy it very much. 

Foodwise Farm Girl serves wonderful-looking lunch that is relatively pricy. Most of it is vegan, or at least gluten or dairy free. Personally, I opted for a rose cupcake. I paid £4.50 that sort of hurt but, man, was it good! I also have to give tons of points for presentation. The china was as lovely as the dog head created with pink sugar. You'd think this much pink would get too Umbridgy but no, we're fine.

A good way to rate places, at least in my opinion, is by their bathrooms. Again, Farm Girl scores high. It's almost as walking in to a Glossier pop-up shop: pink, red, big mirrors and neon lights. The poor waiter got very confused when in the end I started praising their lovely loos. Still, a good bathroom is like a cherry on the top. If it's done poorly it can ruin the whole experience.

Overall, the place is a tad bit pricy but I would go there again. The atmosphere is relaxed, the environment instagrammable and the service very friendly. A friend of mine refers this as convenience cost.

The main reason I ever go to Portobello Road is Sister Jane's flagship shop. Cute, cute, cute! It's right upstairs from Farm Girl (very convenient!) in a two-level attic space. I first discovered Sister Jane in Cannes, France a few years ago and fell completely in love. The clothes are about £60 and very good design. I own quite a few pieces and can definitely vouch for their quality. The best thing is that they organise sample sales once a season. Last time I walked out with six pieces that cost me £30 together. What a bargain! The shop is definitely worth checking out even if there isn't a sample sale. It's like another kind of wonderland.

What to bring: a Wes Anderson outfit, to match with the doors // camera, preferably polaroid

Matching background for my outfit!


  1. Really complete article. I love the design of this café and the pastel colours. If you like design cafés, you should check out The Budapest Café which is inspired by Wes Anderson as well. You would love it. I wrote an article about it on my blog if you are interested. Juliette (

    1. Hi Juliette! Thanks for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my article. I checked out the café you recommended and it looks absolutely wonderful! Will definitely visit if I ever happen to be around the area.


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