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12 April 2015


This is coming from a person who consciously avoids any sort of exercise: I walked the whole day and it was worth it. Obviously walking isn't seen as the most effective exercise but as an exchange student who has eaten way too much compared to how much exercise she has done - yeah, it was pretty effective, and tiring. But it was worth it because of the landscapes and the photos.

This beautiful place I'm introducing you to is a subtropic rainforest area called Tamborine. This gorgeous piece of nature is located just an hour south from Brisbane. I was more than pleased when I opened the car door and instead of boiling hot air I felt a gentle cool breeze on my face. It is so much cooler up on the mountains so I highly recommend to take a break from the oven {aka coast} and cool down for a day.

Nat had spotted the Natural Bridge down in Springbrook National Park so that was our first stop. It's a magical place: a waterfall behind a natural rock bridge. It is away from the other world. I wouldn't have been surprised if I had seen some fairies there {in addition to myself and Nat of course}.

During the day we drove around Tamborine Mountain which has many natural parks, shops, restaurants and even an adventure park not to forget about a natural pool under a waterfall hidden in the forest.

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