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17 April 2015

Sydney 2015

I have been familiar with Sydney since forever. Being a daughter of a opera enthusiast mother I have also been familiar with the Sydney opera house aka cloud castle of dreams {as I used to see it}. This city was definitely in my top three places to visit so you can believe when I say there's no words to describe the feeling when I finally got off the train and saw the opera house across the street. They may say the world isn't a wish-granting factory. Well, I think no one mentioned Australia.

I arrived on an apparently relatively warm Tuesday and got picked up from the airport by my Sydney host family. The daughter of this family, 19 year old Rebekah 'served' as my guide during my stay. First we got to tick off my primary reason traveling to Sydney: an amazing tour in the opera house. I was very surprised to find out the building has been designed by a Danish architect selected by a Finnish architect. Also the size of the house and materials used for its white surface were something totally different I had imagined. It appears this gorgeous piece of architecture is much smaller than often thought.

I really recommend to do the tour if you are interested even the tiniest bit. Seeing multiple performing halls and even a few rehearsals in addition to a great tour guide I'd say it was great worth the money.

In the afternoon we walked around the very centre of Sydney and found our way to Marimekko's Sydney store. Marimekko is a Finnish high-end designer brand. If you've ever met anyone from Finland you've probably heard of this or seen the signature flower pattern. Practically it's a huge part of Finnish identification, at least for me. As soon as I ran in I felt like home.

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