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29 May 2015


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I've found a heaven on Earth. A breakfast heaven, to be clear. This easily best and cutest café melted my heart and it'll do the same for yours. Let's start with the already too adorable name: Cowch. They even have udder lamps hanging from the ceiling. The interiors designers have done excellent job with making the café look very chic and playful without going over the top. A great wooden desk stands in the middle of the open room giving the space a cool authentic look.

And then there's the menu. If you know Julia and myself at all you're not going to be too surprised when I tell you we ordered basically everything we could. I'm not saying we finished it all but we were really close. Part of the reason must be it was the ANZAC day and we had been up since 2 am and were starving at 7 am, the other part was clearly the fact the food was SO delicious.

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