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9 April 2016

mist by lake

The morning was gray. So was the evening. This beautiful mist rose over the lake and the field surrounding the water. I absolutely adore the soft light one might catch at the certain hour of the evening. We took some liberties and climbed up to the birdwatching tower nearby. We managed to see two swans flying to North but in the end it wasn't even our goal to see birds. We also managed to have so so much fun taking photos. It's been a while since I previously had a proper photoshoot. It was honestly on the crying-out-of-laughing level. 

I've borrowed this coat from my lovely little sister. It is an A-line black hooded coat from Zara with some metal details. The leather gloves are my mother's so they are borrowed as well. I have found myself hoarding really dark brown clothes / accessories lately. Is this a thing? Anyway, the skirt is my own. It's just a very basic okra skirt from Zara. It's so handy especially considering I have it in dark forest green as well. They go with practically everything and build up an outfit really easily combined with some nice tights. Here you can't actually see the ones I'm wearing but they are black striped ones from Lindex (where I actually buy almost all of my tights, they have a brilliant selection!).

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