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28 April 2016

cold day in April

This was a beautiful yet super cold evening in April. It was a beautiful yet cold and very gray morning exactly a year ago when my plain from Singapore landed. I recall wanting to turn around and fly all the way back to Australia the minute I saw what was waiting for me: a cold monochrome Finnish morning. It wasn't my place anymore.

Somehow I adapted back to Finland. The summer was somewhat easy as it was quite warm and a lot of people to meet. I was really unsure of who I was supposed to be, though. Then I went back to school to meet more people. I was a bit concerned about how I would do. Turns out, everything is better than I could have ever imagined. I took part in everything I could and I still really enjoy all of it. I am rather clear on who I am now. It's really nice.

Now I have this summer to spend with my friends after which they'll all move to the next part of their lives. This time everyone else leaves and I have to stay still. I suppose it's harder this way around. 

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