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5 May 2016

Helsinki Coffee Festival

What could possibly beat a nice day in the city? Why, coffee of course! So. Much. Coffee.

Helsinki Coffee Festival was honestly one of my favourite events in a while! The convention was set in Kaapelitehdas which is an old factory building with tiles and everything. Black curtains had been pulled over the huge windows to block all the light. Hundreds of industrial light bulbs were hanging from the ceiling. The atmosphere was so cozy and hipster-ish. Just add coffee and it was perfect!

The whole downstairs area was filled with stands of different coffee companies. I absolutely loved the fact that almost all of them (if not all) were somehow promoting organic and ecological production. Paci, Ellu and myself tasted so many different coffees all the way from domestic products to civet cat coffee (yuk, by the way). In addition to the stands a barista competition took place on a big stage right below the loft. Up on the loft there were several panels about previously mentioned organic coffee but also about topics such as how to make brilliant coffee at home and what's new / weird in coffee.

In a nutshell this festival was absolutely fantastic! I loved everything in it: the venue, the music, the people, the programme and above everything the coffee, of course. If you happen to be around Helsinki in next Spring make sure to visit this one. It's definitely worth the price!

In the end I want to quickly run through my outfit. I wore my mom's A-line jacket form Zara which I think is really cool with its gentle 60's touch. This jacket is brilliant for every occasion as it is quite simple yet clean and stylish. I'm also wearing these gorgeous silk blend shorts by Cameo I bought a year ago from Australia. They are most likely the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever bought but God are they worth it! They are quite summery but with a right tights you can wear them all year round. 

Here I've paired the shorts with some 40 denier dotted tights. I actually go through these tights really fast. They are a staple and an absolute must to have in my wardrobe. Someone once asked how many have I bought. I said (if I was to use them every day) 2-3 tights per week. Of course, the key is to alternate both tights and shoes.

On my shoulder I'm carrying a classic Long Champ... shopper, I want to say. It's quite huge and I usually use it in school but for these kinds of events it's perfect too. I want to get all the free stuff off my hands but also have all my things such as camera easily accessible. This bag definitely does the trick. Mine is actually my mom's old (once again) and so it has a tiny hole in the bottom. The thing is, once you've found a good bag you hold on to it till death.

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