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27 May 2016

PRE Helsinki

Fashion for a week. We were standing in a rapidly growing line, surrounded by people in the most curious outfits; hats, shoes, coats and bags one would only see in dreams. Tall and thin people with a pass walked in and out the doors in front of us. An hour later we were sitting in the second row listening the enthusiastic talk and surreal background music. And then a tall girl passed us with long steps.


The Aalto University fashion show 2016 was the third ever fashion show I've attended. As racking it is to stand in the line and watch pretty people in astonishing clothing I must say I'd stand in that line for so many hours just to get to sit in the huge hall under construction lights and watch those pretty people walk through the runway. The experience is worth suffering a bit.

PRE HELSINKI HOUSE, Presentation & Party

The next day we headed to the Manor house of Meilahti. At the front door two porters checked our tickets and let us enter a purple-lighted hall. Against the window there was a glazed cabinet and in that cabinet there was a woman in a pink dress just slowly moving her head back and forth. So we climbed up the stares just to find ourselves in the end of another line. Four installations / performing art sets surrounded the queue showcasing some designs we'd seen the previous day.

The house was full of sets. We explored around the attic, the main hall, the balcony and the yard. It was mesmerising. To be honest, I didn't exactly know what to expect. But gosh is this the best way showcase fashion or what! Imagine entering a museum of living models disregarding you and your camera.

picture credit // man in a flower coat by Suvi Ojala

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