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6 May 2016

bike trip

What the hell May?! Why is it actual 20 degrees all in sudden. This must be some kind of psychological test. I'm not falling for it. Not yet. Although, I am gladly seizing the opportunity to not wear tights and coat. And I'm definitely seizing the opportunity to bike around the lake with my friends.

We celebrated the labour day for probably the first time at my place this year. The food was perfect, the people were perfect and practically it was just an awesome easy-going dinner party. The next day we slept in and ate a two-hour brunch including all the left-overs: salmon avocado toasts and all that goodness. As the weather happened to be so brilliant Ellu, Paci and myself headed to the lake by bikes.

We ended up sitting in the shore eating ice cream and enjoying the awesome weather. 

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