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15 May 2016


How marvellous! I was assigned to take some photos for my school's magazine at this hill by an airport. Maybe it was the thrill brought by sunset or the haunting due date on Monday — either way we got there with Ellu and Paci and, gosh, it was gorgeous. Was anyone staying in the capital area of Finland I'd advice to hop in a car or on a bike and head to Puusep√§ntie in Tuusula and climb on the hill to get some fantastic sunset photos or just to watch planes take off and land.

My outfit in these pictures is probably my favourite at the moment. I'm wearing a loose white tee from Monki with a denim dungaree-dress also from Monki. I absolutely love the dungarees right now. They're perfect for the warm-but-not-too-warm spring weathers paired with some fine thighs and casual loafers. Works in every occasion as you can change to a more glamorous top and throw on some jewellery. In retrospect choose a casual top and a hipster hat of any kind and voilà.

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