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19 September 2016

Kellokoski in autumn rain

Okay, hi. I'm very not busy but in retrospect I'm extremely happy. This little car ride to Kellokoski took place a few weeks ago already but I haven't got around to jot down any thoughts — which is so not like me at all. I'm known the person writing or otherwise documenting every single second of my life, my mind and the rest of this crazy whirlwind. I haven't written for so long (were we to ignore the marvellous event also known as the finals, yay!). Something really wonderful, amazing and over all marvellous is going on in my life at the moment: I'm actually enjoying and longing to live in the moment. It's quite self-explanetory so I'll leave it there.

So Kellokoski, a place known for its old mental hospital that has, sadly, been torn down (the hospital, I mean). But it's still a pretty and throughly pretty creepy place. It happened to rain quite heavily once we drove to the back yard of an old industrial factory building and set our feet to the wet soil. It was pretty, though, as I said. And I love autumn, so what can you do. After all the place looked like an old English village too. It was rather perfect it was raining.

Moving to the outfit. I was wearing a blue washed blue shirt from Lindex I got a year ago so it's quite huge for me now. I think it still suits the "boyfriend-ish" look really well and love how soft the light material is. That's really one of the reasons I couldn't bear to throw it away with the rest too big ones. My pants are the purple Reiko ones I got from France last summer and of which I've raved about probably too much already. Anyway, love them. As for the shoes, I absolutely love these cognac toned heeled ankle boots! The block heel is surprisingly perfect for some cross country action so don't be afraid slipping (although, a helpful knight never hurt anyone).
Then the same old story with the pearl earrings and the DW watch with an add of colour with the DKNY bag (to die for!) and a very basic back brolly.

I love the autumn for various reasons, including the right to wear lipstick in the whole spectrum of reds: rusty, berry, you name it.

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