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25 September 2016


I looove autumn. It's the millionth time I've said it during this week but I just cannot help it. Oh, the colours and the breeze warm my heart along side with the hot cup of liquid. And as the leaves turn brown I turn full-on hipster.

The hat is what I've been so very excited about ever since I got it in summer. I've waited for the chilly weather just so I can grab the hat from the shelf. What's so amazing in this particular hat is that it is firstly produced from only recycled materials, secondly every single one is different, thirdly it's Finnish design and lastly the bobble is changeable! Had you followed me a bit longer it comes as a no surprise that I freaking love yellow, mustard yellow especially. Costo is the brand if you got interested.

Otherwise I'm wearing the Ted Baker collared sweater that has been featured quite a few times over here. The coat is once again my sister's and originally bought from Zara last winter. I'm absolutely in love with my scarf my dad has brought me from Ireland a few years back. It's light and woollen making it the most perfect accessory for the autumn. I find the celtic ornaments gorgeous! My pants by Reiko are also very perfect for the autumn as they are dark purple with somewhat fuchsia-toned dots.

I bought this Fuji polaroid-camera when I was in Australia. I used to take a whole lot of photos with it but now it has been collecting dust on my shelf for a good while. On Friday I ran to the camera shop to pick up a new package of film and then headed to the meadows to snap some shots. The one I took of us looks like we'd be 80's rockers in my mind which I kinda really love! It has that grunge look going perfectly with my hipster-obsession.

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