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29 November 2016

breeze, freeze, winter

Cold, cold, cold, so cold. That's the only thought walking through the icy city. At one point I can't feel my face anymore. Just take the lyrics of Taylor's Out of the Woods and change the word "woods" to "cold" and you get my attitude against winter. It's not fun anymore when all you have to think about is surviving. We're talking only -10 degrees.

Just today I realised over half of my wardrobe is kind of borrowed from my mom and sister. From top to bottom: the hat is my mom's, borrowed by my sister, then borrowed by me, scarf is mom's, the coat's my sister's, the hand bag and the gloves my mom's. See, I can recycle. Scratch that, I just bought the most perfect winter shoes. Leather and lined with fur they are so easy, so comfortable and oh-so-warm. I'm telling, I was completely frozen but my feet were warm and cozy walking on the Market Square.

The weekends have been filled with hot beverages, ginger bread houses, films and reading. The time runs so fast, according to my flight app, at least. Our Australian holiday is less than 20 days away. God am I glad to flee this freezer and see my second home once again. Hence the early vacation we're actually celebrating Christmas next weekend. It's actually really nice to have the show earlier. I'm really not the biggest fan of this crazy holiday but somehow I have this feeling it's going to be more enjoyable this year.

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