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1 November 2016

happily ever autumn

Freezing wind, bare nature, grey tones and the darkness. Autumn is almost over. It's been, honestly, the best autumn in very many ways. It's been unforgettable, to say at least. It's been such an amazing summer and autumn I'm actually looking forward to winter. Well, I'm going to Australia for four weeks in Christmas time so I can't really complain.

As I've said before, this autumn has been so fulfilled with both wonderful and woesome moments. I've found someone to talk bizarre things in the middle of the night while driving nowhere, to hold me in his arms and to share everything with. In the other end of the spectrum my dear dog passed away a few weeks ago. When it all got a bit too much I finally resigned from almost all the extra curricular activities holding on only to the school magazine which has been a joyful club from the very beginning.

So I'm a regular student again and it feels so nice. There were far too many things on my plate and as hard as it was I'm more than glad I let go. I have so much more energy now that I'm not stressing over millions and again millions of things that don't require to be stressed over. I realised I had given up so many hobbies without noticing. I used to love drawing and scrap-booking as well as baking and organising my room. I want to start putting time on these and other things I enjoy. 

Ronja, a friend of mine from school, came over last weekend. It was cold but we defied the weather and drove near the airport, on a hill to snap a few photos. A few words; she has the best coasts and scarves (seriously, so cozy) and an amazing style all over, she's such a great story teller making everything sound epic and lastly is adorably passionate about art history (sat that course with her, so fun!)

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