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26 December 2014

last thoughts

Christmas time has been extremely different this year. Of course there are many factors; being an exchange student for example. Also the news I received on Tuesday changed all the plans. The Christmas miracle happened and my Australian visa got granted obviously following that I would, I will leave on this Saturday, tomorrow. Much appreciating my pro-level organising skills I finished the first packing that day. Now if you have ever moved houses you know what I’m meaning by packing in this situation: it practically means packing everything you own. When I think about it I have no idea how I made this happen within just four to six hours.

I have to say I was extremely relieved hearing the good news about my visa. The thing is, if I hadn’t got my visa before Christmas I would have needed to change host families for couple weeks. Myself nor anyone else had no idea where they would find me another host family in such short notice. I was stressing out so bad what would happen to me that I didn’t have any time to stress about Christmas (good thing, bad thing, I don't even know). I was already really tired to all this organising etc. Now, I want to point out that staff in YFU Australia has been more than amazing. They have done all they can to get me to Australia for New Year’s and kept me updated on my visa and other stuff. I want to say a big thank you. You have no idea how important it is to have good people on your side.

As soon as I got my moving stuff sorted out I finally got to the holiday spirit and could actually enjoy the season. I am very happy with my departure date because it pushes me to see people who are important to me around Christmas time (something I am normally really crap at). For a little while I was upset I wasn’t going to get to spend New Year’s with my friends but I banished those thoughts a while ago. Because once you except that you are going you will no longer think what you could have experienced if you stayed. You only concentrate what’s ahead and what that has to offer you.

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