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5 December 2014

A Different December

This is not the first December without snow but it is definitely the first December with the temperature over 15 degrees. It also the first time I wont be spending Christmas in Finland, with my family. I gotta say there is quite a lot to adjust to. I know there wont be any snow or cold, no never ending darkness - at least it feels never ending every year in Finland. I think I'll be just fine over here.

December has a special spot in my heart even though sometimes I wish it didn’t since I don’t really enjoy winter. Anyway, my little sister is celebrating her birthday in December and Finland’s independency day is celebrated on the 6th. This year I don’t have a possibility to light those blue-and-white candles but I do get to celebrate my home country with Finnish power since Anna is visiting me again this weekend. There’s nothing big on program but then again I haven’t really gotten used to massive independency celebrations. In fact, last year we had a lovely Italy themed evening with a friend family. To be clear we have no roots in Italy, my parents had just planned to make a trip there. How patriotic indeed.

There is a lot I’m missing in December this year but on the other hand there is so much new to explore. On Thursday I went to see my friend and found out a lot new stuff about Christmas and how they celebrate it here. Turns out, I had never ever heard of 12 days of Christmas, Christmas crackers nor many Christmas dishes which names I can’t even remember anymore.

I don’t consider myself as a Christmas enthusiast but suddenly this year I see a new spark in this holly jolly season. I don’t know if it is about all the gorgeous Christmas decorations in Farmers or the fact that this time it is summer during Christmas time. Either way I am excited to see how all this turns out and even more excited about jumping to the plane to Australia, hopefully, right after Christmas.

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