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11 December 2014

Up to the Trig

This week I have accomplished my New Zealand bucket list. I still have the Kiwi Christmas to go but let’s not count that.

On Tuesday my friend generously took me up to the Trig which is the top of one of the mountains in Levin. I hadn’t realised how long the walk is and since I am seriously not in the best physical condition it was a pretty tough trip. Like the cherry on top it started lightly raining in the midway which obviously didn’t stop us. When we finally made it to the top it was already so misty or foggy that you couldn’t really see the apparently pretty amazing view. Overall the trip was fun and a good way to kill time. In addition I could really feel the exercise working.

Yesterday or actually it was today when I went to see the new Hobbit with my friends. It was the midnight screening, 00.01 which, I believe, was the first screening. I have never ever been in a first screening nor obviously in a midnight screening. The whole experience was really exciting. To be honest I haven’t seen any of the Lord of the Rings or the previous Hobbit movies. After this experience I can say I’m more than interested to see all of them.

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