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28 November 2014

I don't ask help.

I am terrible at asking help. I have always sucked at it. Always. And it is still difficult.

I have had problems with my Spotify ever since August. Yet it took about three months to contact the Spotify support. This morning I sent them a filled form and in ten minutes I got answered and in an hour they had solved all the problems I had with my Spotify. I was literally astonished how easily and well the support worked.

I guess it is the Finnish mentality - you don't ask for help, you deal with your problems. It is the same with asking anything. If I can't find something in the store I leave, I never ask. When I visited Auckland last week I actually finally realised everyone doesn't do this. My friend Katy who is from Germany had no problem asking whatever we needed to find. I was trying to hold her back saying we didn't need help, that we could find it ourselves. And then I realised how stupid I was, am. I am seriously going to try make a difference in my head. I must understand the people are there specifically to help me.

Yesterday I went to a kiosk looking for a magazine. I quickly glanced every rack and then went to the counter and asked if they had the new issue. Two-months-ago-me or even the two-weeks-ago-me would have never done that so I'm secretly proud of my 'achievement'. Beware Finland, I am a changed girl.

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