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31 December 2015

magical Loreley rock

The beginning of my little adventure to Germany was misty and magical. We drove up to Bornich, by the Rhein river and climbed up a mountain to a lookout place called the Loreley rock. Legend tells there was once a beautiful woman combing her hair and singing on a rock making all the men so mesmerised they didn't notice their ships shank. The story is a bit creepy but the view was absolutely marvellous. The fog had a surprisingly huge effect on the atmosphere. We felt like in some kind of wonderland.

I am wearing a bird patterned shirt from Zara {which, I just realised, you can't even see from the pictures but it's there} and paired it with some authentic riding pants {been to the washing} and a dotted navy blue sweater from Lindex. On my arm I am carrying a birthday present form my dear auntie. This is a konjak brown Mulberry which I absolutely adore and cherish. My coat is originally from Zara but later on "borrowed" from my mum's closet. I like to call this beautiful shade of yellowish-greenish-brown simply the vomit colour. The coat also looks like a bush which is totally cool. The beanie is one of my favourite things at the moment! It is such a fun and personal looking accessory with some fox fur and a great colour. And since we're going with the simple colours theme I added a wine red scarf just from Zara.

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