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31 December 2015


Ah, Limburg, what a lovely city you are! As the sun rose on Tuesday morning all three of us were still sleeping. Yet, it took only couple of ours to pack our city purses and squeeze to the car. I had been promised a wonderful day in the old town of Limburg. God, did they keep their promise. The old town was stocked up with teeny-tiny shops on teeny-tiny streets. A Christmas market could still be found on the square and so we bought some really delicious but super sweet Nutella crepes.

A cathedral was located on top of the hill with its beautiful towers. We hiked up {yes, it is considered hiking when you're wearing heals like that} and entered this gorgeous work of architecture. I have a thing for high ceiling spaces so I was totally mesmerised the whole time we spent inside.

In the evening, after spending some time getting ready we jumped to the car once again and drove back to Limburg for our dinner which has become a little tradition of ours. We ate a fancy dinner in a fancy Italian with some fancy rosé wine. Later on we stopped by a local pub which was everything I have ever wanted to see. Take the pub from the Holiday and double that. I'll just say it was one of the most perfect days I've ever had. 

I was wearing the same outwear as yesterday {including a Zara coat, a Zara scarf and a fox fur beanie} except form the shoes which are my absolute favourite shoes! I found them from a shop called Zio here in Finland. They are black leather block heel pair of Wonders and couldn't be more comfortable. Yes, you read right, heels and comfortable in a same sentence. I think this is one thing you should really think about investing in. You get only one pair of feet which are, by the way, the most underrated part of your body. As your feet are working none stop the whole day everyday it is only right to spoil them with a gorgeous pair of comfy shoes.

A good trick for when you want to wear a coat that's actually a bit too thin for the weather is to wear a thin cardigan made out of wool. The cardigan works as lining and doesn't show or make you look chubby. My grey one is borrowed and then gotten from my mother's wardrobe. 

My dress is from Zara. It is the same one I bought and wore for Christmas. I gotta love the fabric; it is so light and doesn't wrinkle easily which is always a huge plus while traveling. For a day look I paired it with some thick white stockings with some patterning. This way the outfit got more relaxed and more suitable for a city day. For the dinner I changed on some thin black dotted stockings. And then of course, there on my arm I have my trusty Mulberry.

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