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2 January 2016

the third year

"In 2015 I want to really improve myself in as many areas as I just possibly can. I'm gonna try to fully enjoy the rest of my exchange and after that I'm gonna dive back to studying world and not leave that world for a while. As it comes to my blog I want to - again - improve my writing and photographing skills. I've developed a direction, a theme for my blog and I'm going to continue with that."

2016 is here now and I have already started off way different that I had planned. I literally spent the change of the year in a car driving home and crying with my best friend by my side. I said I want to be braver this year, to except challenges and go on adventures without thinking about tomorrow too much. I want to be more spontaneous {with a common sense, of course}. I want to learn to love and learn how to say it too. 

With the blog I want to concentrate on fashion and more personalised photography. I'm seriously so done with basic portraits. This year I want to think out of the box, to drive far away just to get the most magical photo. I want to talk about my style, how I build an outfit and how it actually worked out.

Last year I got so focused on diagnosing myself and finding myself again I got completely lost in the middle of that rush. Now, I feel like I have built my personality again so much I can move on to concentrate on other things. I want to think less and dream more. I want to have less expectations and see the world with more open eyes. I want to learn how to let go.

January started with New Year's eve party in Aussie style. I loved it. The second highlight of my January must have been surfing and the Australian beach-centred life style. I took some surfing classes and am proud to say I can stand on that board now. I also saw tons of pelicans which was pretty awesome!

In February we visited a lot of theme parks with my family in Australia. I got to hold a koala in Australia zoo which had been one of my biggest dreams since childhood. In this month I also started to film a music video as a school project. Here's the finished product:

We made dozens of trips to the city with Nat in March. We saw the Wicked musical and attended other cool occasions. I also finally bought myself a polaroid camera {it's a fujifilm to be clear} and that thing has followed me everywhere ever since.

In April I got to go to Sydney and see the spectacular opera house and the bridge and madame Tussaud's. It was such an amazing trip and I'm so glad I got the opportunity. This was also the month it was time for me to go back home to Finland. I left with heavy heart and tears in my eyes as saying goodbye to a huge amount of amazing and wonderful people I'd met. I was still happy to see my family in Finland again.

I spent the whole May settling back to Finland and learning to use the language again. It felt wonderful to be back but at the same time I missed my other home so much. There are actually no photos at all from this time which really reflects my feelings: empty.

In June I had got my life somewhat back together. I travelled to middle Finland to see Iida. As usual, we photographed so much it also hurts. I also developed a new kind of love towards soap bubbles and  sunsets. I was also loving the new short and natural look of my hair. And, I almost forgot the most important part: I turned 18! It was wonderful and terrifying... still is.

In July I packed my suitcase once again and flew to French Riviera for 9 days with my family. It was such a great holiday and I can't wait to go there again. We rented a house villa on Côte d'Azur and explored Nice and Cannes. As a real turist in France I wore my striped t-shirt and cat-eye sunglasses which I very much love.

In August it was time for another vacation. This time I flew to Austria by myself to see Julia for a week. We spent a lovely day in Vienna and for the rest of my stay we relaxed over at her place by a lake and mountains. On the date of Julia's little brother's birthday we all went hiking to the Alps {how cool is that!} which was spectacular.

September was quite a boring month on the half of photos. I was enjoying all the autumn things such as coffee, candles and beautiful colours. I had a few shopping sprees and busy time with school which pretty much sums up the whole month's schedule.

Now that I look back my whole autumn seems really boring because there's hardly any photos in my October folder. In fact, I just haven't have the motivation to pick up my camera. I'd say I spent at least as much time with school as I did in the previous month if not more. I took exams and finished a few assignments.

November passed by while we all were waiting for some snow

Thank God I remembered my camera in December. This was the first year in ages I got really excited for Christmas. It was good but not surprising, as Christmas tends to be now. It was nice to see my grand parents and I actually enjoyed the dinner so all that excitement wasn't for nothing. On boxing day I hopped on a plane and flew to Germany to see friends I'd made in New Zealand. It was honestly the most perfect trip and the most perfect way to end my year. 

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