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10 January 2016

this is winter

What actually is a perfect day? In the end of the day you can smile and fall asleep happy.

Today I stayed home meaning I had no other plans than studying for a biology exam. But, as it happens, we got snow last week and ever since I've been longing to go ice skating on my primary school's yard. So I convinced myself it was only right to skip studying boring biology and instead go enjoy the very fresh air.

My little sister {who is not so little anymore, I cannot believe she's turning 16 this year} tagged along and so we walked to the school. There was a few groups of little people playing ice hockey and just learning to skate. We somehow managed to look skilful compared to them and in addition got complimented on our pretty outfits.

I thought I would be absolutely freezing since it really hasn't been this cold in two years, for me that is. Surprise, surprise, I wasn't! I actually got so warm I had to take my coat of for a moment. Let me remind you, it was still -15 degrees so it took me only two minutes to get cold. Anyway, it gave me a chance to do a couple of pirouettes in my skirt. This is winter.

I'm wearing a scarf I bought from Cotton On while I was in Australia. It's honestly the warmest scarf ever and I still keep wondering why they sold them in Australia. The scarf goes perfectly with my furry Zara coat which turned out to be the best coat for skating as it's cut in A-line and allowed me move my hands which is quite important. Under the coat I wore a sweated {which you can't see} and a  thick grey skirt, again from Zara. And because it is quite freezing here, I wore two layers of stockings, the white ones with patterns are from Monki. My mom was kind enough to let me borrow her leg warmers and skates which probably date back to Middle Age, to be honest. Vintage is still vintage and I love them.

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